4 Things to Know Before Building Your Closet

The most important place in every home for many women is the closet, because there are all their clothing, accessories, makeup and more. No doubt many people feel very comfortable there. In case you want to make a closet, here we have some things to know before building it:


The closet must first have a good lighting, because there will surely be the place where people are going to dress and choose what will be the outfit that will be use on that day.

Use Of Hangers

It’s advisable to place hangers in the closet, so you have a small space where you can hang anything that isn’t dirty and you may want to wear soon, or put some of the clothes that you use the most.

Organized Design

The way in which your closet is going to be designed is the most important; you should try to create something that’s organized and strategic.

As for example, that’s a little more open, wide, with different spaces to hang clothes so also have space in the bottom to store shoes and other stuff.

Don’t Stack Many Things

By stacking many things in your closet, it will make the place feel smaller and that way everything will get messed up faster. That’s why you must strategically accommodate whatever you have there so that it doesn’t become a hindrance.

The closets really are very important, a small personal corner, that’s why you have to provide real care and attention. Even men have too many things and need to have everything well arranged.

7 Home Design Tips to Follow Religiously

Feeling comfortable in your home is vital, because it will be your sanctuary, the place where you spend the most time, where you will receive your visits, where you live with your family.

That’s why decorating the home isn’t anything, it’s something necessary for the inhabitants to feel comfortable and happy. And here we bring you some home design tips to follow religiously:

Light Colors

Light colors are currently a trend, but the choice really goes beyond that. These types of colors provide greater warmth to the home, much more elegance, and also give you a great perspective so that the rooms look bigger and that the decoration can combine with anything.

Visual Tricks

There is a technique to decorate your home that may surprise you, which are the visual tricks that can be provided through the colors that can be used to paint your home and the perspective of the objects when placed.

An example is with the ceiling, if they’re very low, so that they look taller and white you should paint them white.

Importance Of Natural Light

Having your home well-litted is very important because that way you will have more brightness. But it’s very important that you can also have natural light, with the sun or even the moon, through windows that you can place around your home. So you can go and forget those old-fashioned curtains.


The illustration is one of the designs that are currently being used the most. By creating an illustrated wall you can give a different look to any other home and any other part of your home. A great way to give an elegant touch.

Vintage Objects

Currently, the vintage decoration is one of the most acclaimed trends and really gives a very warm but at the same time old look to any space in your home.


Carpets are one of the acquisitions most people have; this is because it’s the favorite trends to decorate any room in your home.

It gives you a very elegant appearance, in addition to providing that limitation of which is the seating area, because it’s normal to be located between the furniture or chairs.

Use Of Mirrors

It’s necessary that there be mirrors in every home because that way people can take a last look before leaving.

But having one or two mirrors throughout your home is really very uncomfortable, especially if more than 5 people live in your home or if a lot of people visit you. The mirrors also have a good function of decoration, giving a different touch to the room.

Any of these tricks will be of great help to you and achieve a modern and comfortable home, adapted to current trends but at the same time where you feel very comfortable.

Feeling comfortable in your home is vital, because it will be your sanctuary, where you spend most of your time, and will attend guests with your family. A great way to give an elegant touch is by applying al illustrated wall to make it a focal point of the design. These tricks will be helpful to you to achieve a modern and comfortable home, adapted to current trends but at the same time where you feel very comfortable.

Home Decor – Is That Important

Many people think that decorating your home doesn’t matter much, and personally, I think it’s a serious mistake.

Home is the most important place of all because it’s the place where you will form your family and you will see your children grow, the place where only you can decide on the things that you like or not. Simply the space that belongs to you, where your comfort is the most important.

Everything even goes beyond the superficial aspect of decorating your home with something that is in trend, the objective is to keep your home in a way that you feel comfortable, so much that you are happy to be every minute.

For this, it’s necessary that you give that good vibe, those positive energies where not only you but also any person that visits you or lives with you, feel at ease. There are many things that can even be in your home that can influence that.

The Aroma

This is one of the most important factors in your home because there is nothing to feel more comfortable than being in a place that smells good and not decomposed products that you cannot handle for the bad smell and feel disgusted.

Odors can even give that extra good vibes to your home, which is why many studies have shown that odors can change any mood of people. There are so many scents that you can attract to your home. From flowers, fruits, candles, citrus, sweets, and much more.

Use Of Colors

Colors can influence a lot in us, especially in our moods. It says that white is the color of peace, green is the color of hope, red means passion, and many other things.

But according to studies the colors can influence each person, for example, red increases hunger, yellow can give you a feeling of warmth and light colors like coral or lavender can give you a lot of calm.

The importance of the colors that you’re going to choose to decorate your home is very important because they can provide a special vibe to your home. Currently, warm colors are a trend, from cream to gray, and it’s a good technique because it can combine with many things and also always provide a feeling of comfort and elegance.

The Sounds

Some studies reveal that some sounds at home are a good way to also provide a feeling of positivism and good energy. This can occur through water, for example, putting some small cascades of ornament or fish tanks, where they will also be a great way to provide a decorative object more.

The Lighting

Lighting is very important also in all homes because, in addition to giving us that perspective of being able to see better, it also gives you more warmth to your home and can even affect your mood.

Really decorating your home is very important and it needs to be a topic that is taken more seriously, because even some of these aspects may be affecting us, and we aren’t even aware of it.

Home is the most important place of all because it’s the place where you will form your family and see your children grow, where only you can decide on the things that you like or not. Really decorating your home is very important and it needs to be taken more seriously, because some of these aspects may be affecting us, and we aren’t aware of it.

4 Tips to Clean Stainless Steel Countertops and Appliances

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that contains by definition a minimum of 10.5% chromium, and in fact, there are different types of stainless steel, but everyone has something in common.

Devices that are manufactured with this material can sometimes be very tedious, for the number of times you have to clean them. Here we bring you some tips to clean stainless steel countertops and appliances:


The main function of cleaning everything that’s stainless steel countertops and appliances is to eliminate any type of streaks or stain that’s in it, and so have it always in good condition and clean.


The main materials you need is water, some dishcloth that you don’t use for basic things, soap to wash the dishes, vinegar, baking soda, nylon or soft bristle brush and olive oil.

First Steps

First, you must mix water with soap for dishwashing, and with the cloth, you will moisten it to start cleaning the stainless steel surface.

After doing these, you will gradually sprinkle baking soda on top and then add a little vinegar, depending on the amount of bicarbonate you’re going to use. With the brush, you will begin to move it gently over the entire surface.

Later, you must remove with water and clean cloth all the waste of what you have thrown over the stainless steel. It’s very important that everything is dry, even if you can use it to dry it faster, then you can use something else like toilet paper, another cloth and even a dryer, it's a good idea.

Last Steps

To dry the surface, you can also use a microfiber cloth that will help you dry everything a lot faster. But you should try to do it abruptly or very hard because you can scratch it, and everything will be worse.

Then you should polish it, this can be done with olive oil, and little by little you will go greasing the oil and watering it with a totally clean towel. You must apply it directly on the stainless steel surface. After you have wiped the cloth all over the place, you should remove the entire residue with another cloth that is clean and dry.

There are some people who directly use olive oil to clean it, but it’s optional. Both are a good way to help you remove any stain, but you must be careful when applying the amount of oil so that it’s not stained. You can comply with any of these tips and you will see how you will remove any stains, fingerprints and more on the surface.

We all have some object in our home made out of stainless steel. Most kitchens primordially, in addition to any other object manufactured with this material. But the important thing is always to keep it in good condition.