Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Building Contractor

building contractor - Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Building Contractor

Finding a good contractor is imperial to the home of your dreams. But before you hire a contractor, there are a number of questions that you should ask in order to have the personal satisfaction and avoid any misunderstandings in the future

1. How long have you been working in the industry?

No matter what the profession is, experience matters. Even though in some cases experience might not mean better service, it surely comes in handy while deciding the material and location. A contractor who has been in the business for long would know how to integrate the two factors for different environments.

2. What will your payment schedule be?

Payment schedules depend on different building contractors and you would have to find a customized plan that suits your finances. But whatever the case, full payment should never be made prior to the project completion. It’s better to have the project divided into different timelines and make the plan accordingly.

3. If he’s willing to sign a ‘times and materials’ contract

Times and material contract establishes the cost of labour and material rate in case the market becomes unstable or goes in a loss. In case the contractor is unwilling to sign it, the cost might rise to a double or even more when the market prices take a hike.

4. Who will be overseeing the site?

supervisor - Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Building Contractor

There should be someone on the site who would track the progress of the project. You should be aware of the daily report. Moreover, in case things go wrong, you should always be in the loop with the site manager. If the contractor is unwilling to provide a site manager, you might want to look elsewhere for either a site manager or a new contractor.

5. Can you provide a list of references?

‘Your reputation precedes you’. It’s important to ask for references and more important for the contractor to provide them in order to ensure the authenticity of the contractor. In case he doesn’t, then there might be something fishy and better for you to abort. There are numerous questions you can ask the old clientele about the contractor, like how well does he deliver on time, his reaction time for when something goes wrong or how well he communicated with the clients.

6. How do you manage to schedule?

It is imperative to ask about the scheduling techniques of the contractor. Understanding his tactics will help you ascertain the effectiveness of the contractor and the cost-effectiveness of the project. Different contractors use different tools to maintain their scheduling processes. You can get to know a little something about them to gauge the level of competency.

7. What is the structure of your company?

Knowing about the company dynamics and structure is important, especially if you have an extended project. It tells you about how the company manages and organizes its tasks. Doing a little research beforehand is a good idea as well to know the responsible people in the company and about their reputation. It will help you understand a better viewpoint of the strengths and weaknesses of the company and how to make them work according to your requirements.