About the Blog


My name is Phoebe Murphy, I’m 34 years old and I’m an interior designer. For more than 10 years I have been working in the design area, and it’s something that I really love and I am passionate about.

The house is the most important place for many people, that’s why when someone hires an interior designer to remodel, design or decorate their entire house or any of the rooms, it’s very important to do an excellent job so that the client feel satisfied.

As the house is the place where you should feel comfy, you should please them as they want. That’s where the strong work of the designer comes in, where he has to create a totally asymmetrical space that’s harmonious, warm and complies with what the client asks for.

And this blog was created in some way to share different content about interior design and decoration as such. A space where you can find advice, techniques, history, recommendations and much more information about the subject so you can put it into practice in case it’s something that interests you.

It’s very important that you pay due attention to the design of any house, especially the people who live in it, because really a good interior design can even help to harmonize your home.

When houses are a complete disaster, regularly the families that live in it also follow the same pattern, and it’s something that isn’t right because the family must always be united and keep their sacred place, which is their home, in good condition.

That’s why I hope that everything published in this blog is very well received by all of you and very helpful. Even if you don’t have as much budget to hire a professional designer, these tips will be of much more help to guide you and know what to do.